Thursday, June 22, 2017

South Sudan Is In The 4th Year Of A Bloody Civil War


From Bad to Worse

The South Sudan military shelled civilian areas, torched houses and killed civilians between January and May, forcing thousands of ethnic minority Shilluk residents to flee their homes, according to a new report from Amnesty International.
The mass displacement was shocking “even considering South Sudan’s history of ethnic hostility,” the Associated Press quoted the human rights agency as saying this week.
South Sudan is now in the fourth year of a bloody civil war in which both government and opposition forces stand accused of war crimes. But the plight of other ethnic groups like the Shilluk has largely been ignored due to the focus on the Dinka and Nuer groups that make up the warring factions, the AP noted.
Separately, a dozen South Sudanese soldiers facing criminal charges associated with an attack on foreign aid workers last year pleaded not guilty on Tuesday, the AP reported.
Nine soldiers are charged with murder, rape and looting in the assault on the Terrain hotel compound in the capital, Juba, in July. The other three face charges including looting, trespassing and theft.

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