Monday, December 5, 2011

South Africa To Get Porn Cable Channel

Porn on tap

Titillation versus porn: Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas kiss in a scene from the film Basic Instinct, famous for its explicit sex scenes.
South African TV screens will become that much steamier in January, and it has nothing to do with the heat wave.
Next month, locals can catch a new 24-hour sex channel on satellite TV, which will broadcast hardcore pornography aimed at heterosexual viewers. The channel’s content will be broadcast on the Astra 4A satellite – the same system employed by TopTV.
While a similar idea was previously shot down by broadcasting stakeholders and certain sections of the public, this new French channel is being broadcast from outside our borders. According to John Solomon of African Satellite Installations, that means it’s outside the jurisdiction of South African broadcasters.
ASI will hire out the special decoders and smartcards needed to view the channel for R99 per month. The decoders are only for hire, and one needs to be an existing TopTV subscriber to access the content. Porn Satellite TV – or PSat – is however, not affiliated in any way with TopTV.
"PSat is totally independent of other satellite channels and you will need a special decoder, smartcard and a satellite dish to view the channel," Solomon told Media24.
"All you have to do is unplug your TopTV decoder and replace it with the PSat decoder."