Sunday, October 23, 2016

I Make 68 Years Of Age!

Today I make it to 68 years of age. I'm humbled to have survived this long. Three times in my life I truly came close to death. When I would come to see my mother, she would first smile at me. Then she would buy her face in her hands for a few moments. When she looked up she would have a grim look on her face and always say the words: "Son it's a miracle that you're still alive."
I have been present at three incredible moments in history.The first was when humans landed on the moon. The second was the military coup when Pinochet came to power. The third was in April of 1994 when I got to vote in the first all-race election in South Africa.
Elena remembers how poor that we were at first. A great dinner out was hamburgers. We had to drink water because we did not have the money for a beverage.
In two months I will have lived eight more years than my dear father. I talk to him quite often in Heaven. He knows that I'm doing well.
Last year at this time I published my pearls of wisdom from 67 years of life. The first one is even more truer today than last year as follows:
"Never trust any politician anywhere in the world."

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