Sunday, February 12, 2017

Nelson Mandela Walked To Freedom 27 Years Ago-11 February, 1990

Sadly overlooked is that on this day 27 years ago, Nelson Mandela was released after serving 27 years in prison in South Africa. He could have emerged from this ordeal with a heart full of hate. He could have become a vindictive man seeking revenge on all who had tried to destroy him. He could have become just another African despot like Mugabe and many others. Instead he emerged from his ordeal with a heart full of love and compassion. He embraced the people who had done bad things to him. Forward he went with a vision for a rainbow South Africa where people of all races could live together. He was a great president. As imperfect as South Africa is, it still works because of him. My dream is to bring him back to life at age 50 or so and elevate him to president of the United States

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