Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Restaurant Of The Week-Campo de Fiori In Maputo

Restaurant Of The Week: Campo De Fiori, Maputo

Courtesy of TripAdvisor
Courtesy of TripAdvisor
Maputo’s Campo de Fiori might just be more deserving of its moniker than its namesake in Rome. Travelers to the Italian capital associate Campo de Fiori (which means “field of flowers” in English) with the bustling square just south of Piazza Navona that was once a meadow. But Maputo’s Campo de Fiori still has flowers. Plants, too. It’s an Italian restaurant inside a park. And a pretty good one, at that.
Wooden picnic tables are strewn on the outskirts of the park, with a handful of tables up on the higher level across the veranda. A calm, laid-back atmosphere coupled with things for kids to do (there’s a small individual mechanical ride, and the park is bike and scooter friendly) makes this a great place for dinner with children. A decent wine and beer list makes it adult-friendly, too.
The menu is fairly extensive and includes a nice selection of antipasti, including a standard mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad, and mini pizza breads. The house eggplant parmigiana is great, complemented by a leafy green salad. There’s a good selection of pizzas and pastas, and this is also one of the best places in Maputo for steak. The steak menu includes filet, ribs, and t-bone options, served in a red wine, gorgonzola, fiorentina or mushroom sauce, with mashed potatoes, fries or salad. For dessert, we liked the creamy apple tart and the chocolate mousse cake.
All in all, Campo di Fiori is a winner. The prices are reasonable for Maputo, the food is a crowd-pleaser, and the atmosphere is just great. Nothing beats dinner in a cool, fresh park after a hot day in Maputo. And if that doesn’t convince you, try the homemade ice cream.
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