Thursday, December 10, 2015

This Leopard Meets A Golden Retriever

This Leopard Met A Golden Retriever, And You Really Need To See What Happened.

Published on November 12, 2015
Salati is a ten-month-old leopard who was rescued as an orphaned cub in South Africa and adopted by wildlife enthusiast Richard Brooker.
She now lives on the 1,850-acre Glen Africa Country Lodge, where she made an unusual best friend: Richard’s golden retriever.
This is Salati, a ten-month-old leopard, and Tommy, Richard’s golden retriever.
Rescued as an orphaned cub, Salati was raised by Richard at Glen Africa Country Lodge near Pretoria, South Africa.
Salati was the smaller one at first, but now, at over 40 pounds, she has the upper hand on Tommy.
Being chased by a cat used to be a shock to Tommy, but he’s gotten used to it.
Every day, Richard would take the pair out on a long walk.
His family’s 1,850-acre estate is the perfect place for them to run free together.
The Brookers have over 200 animals from 32 difference species living on the grounds, but these two still prefer to spend time with each other.
“Wherever you see one the other is right behind,” says Richard. “They are inseparable and both have lots of energy so they get the exercise they both need together.”
Don’t they make the most adorable couple?
Salati and Tommy live together in perfect harmony, and refuse to leave each other’s side. Now if only everyone would follow in their footsteps!

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