Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Big Pay Day Coming Due To Relaxed Iran Sanctions

My dear friends my day is off to a good start. The probe made it to Pluto and I'm so excited about what they are going to find. Do not laugh at this celestial body. It is our last stop before we start heading for the stars. I had a great swim this morning. I came back with the surprise news that Iran had reached a nuclear deal with the US and European allies. I will not discuss politics here. I have many dear Iranian and Jewish friends who are not happy with this deal. I understand their concerns. I'm happy because Elena and I own shares in a South African mobile phone operator named MTN. The company was started by a very bright and capable group of African National Congress supporters who went into exile from South Africa during Apartheid. They ended up at Rutgers University in new Jersey as students and as an English professor in one case, Barbara J. Masekela (Later South African ambassador to the USA and a major executive with the Standard Bank of South Africa.) I nicknamed these bright and special people (some of whom are my friends) as "The Rutgers Gang."
This group of bright people took a giant risk and expanded their mobile phone company all over the African continent and to Iran. The company got caught up in the Iran sanctions. $1 billion US of their profits in Iran were frozen in a bank account. With sanctions coming off, MTN will have a "one billion dollar pay day." Our shares will go up quite a bit.

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