Monday, May 11, 2015

Mugabe Is Now Chair Person Of The African Union

Subject: FW: Mugabe did two typically African things on first day in AU office

              did two typically African things on first day in AU

February 4, 2015
The newly appointed chairperson of the African Union, Robert Mugabe, did two very typically African things on his first day in office.
In the first session chaired by the 90 year old, he proposed a motion that African countries withdraw from the International Criminal Court in The Hague and establish a new African Court. He was wholeheartedly supported in this by Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta . I would not be surprised if Jacob Zuma also supports this motion at the next session of the AU in June in South Africa.
After all, Mugabe, Kenyatta and Zuma all have cases to defend before justice. So running away from court like a chicken thief who runs away for the constable is a little scene we know all too well here in Africa.
Mugabe’s second act for the day was equally African. He dozed off for his afternoon nap. And his entire entourage followed suit. This was not the first time either that the Zimbabweans sleep through an AU session – the same happened in 2013. The difference is: Now they chair it!
It must be very unnerving for his aides to see Mugabe close his eyes and dropping his head on his chest during a session…I mean, the man is 90 after all.

Will Africa ever make progress? One can but wonder…

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