Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday To A Great Zimbabwe Lady!

For 13 almost 13 years Elena and I have been fortunate to count Mandy Findlater as a close friend. Mandy has an incredible story. One day she decided that she had no future in her native Zimbabwe. She sold her apartment, packed two suitcases, got a tourist visa and came to San Francisco with $10,000 to start her life over again. She got a job in the highly-competitive freight forwarding business. She excelled and became an expert in logistics and supply chain management on an international basis. Mandy's career took off. She moved from freight forwarding to logistics with a high technology company. Along the way Mandy earned her US Green Card. I understand that she will take the oath of US citizen this year. Mandy is also very generous and supportive to all of her family members still in Zimbabwe. Mandy has always been a lady of great integrity and character. She plays by the rules and is honest with everyone. My only regret today is that I cannot bring Stevie Wonder to her birthday celebration to serenade her with the song "Happy Birthday To You Baby!"

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